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Faster, Easier, and More Incredible ~ Video Streaming!

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  • by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD, IY Program Developer

Yes, we have made the leap to streaming the Incredible Years® video program vignettes!

NOW AVAILABLE!  Autism Spectrum & Language Delays Parenting Program, Baby Parenting ProgramToddler Basic ProgramPreschool Basic Program & School Age Basic Program, Child Program videos for Classroom Dina and Small Group Dina AND Teacher Classroom Management Program in streaming format.  COMING SOON:  Teacher Autism program video streaming, and eventually we will have streaming subscription options for all the programs.

Why did we do this?

Actually the project to figure out the best way to convert the Incredible Years program video vignettes to streaming format was underway at least a year before Covid-19,  but this crisis has really pushed us to finalize the details so that group leaders could more easily reach and support parents, teachers, and children at home.  In March of 2020 many IY group leaders began providing the Incredible Years program to families via various internet platforms but some were having difficulties using the DVDs or USBs to show their videos in on-line sessions. We needed another option for viewing the videos on-line.

Over the past 6 months we have prepared hundreds of program video vignettes, uploaded them to the web, labeled and formatted them into playlists, and worked out a secure subscription-based format for streaming.  We are now ready to go and hope that you enjoy accessing the video vignettes in this way!

How to use streaming?

When you purchase a subscription, you will receive a confirmation email from that includes your user name and password, and link to our video streaming webpage.  In order to protect our subscription account information, our streaming site uses 2-Factor account authentication.  After entering your account username and password, you will see a screen notifying you that a single-use code is being sent to your email address.  Your account subscription to the videos will be accessible from any device with internet connection.  The vignettes are arranged in easy-to-navigate playlists for each program part.


Group Leaders may now purchase a Program curriculum package with a one-year subscription to the videos online. This option has everything a new Group Leader needs – video streaming subscriptions, group leader manual, books, and accessory materials. Prices start at $625 per person with discounts available for 5 or more subscriptions.

If your agency has previously purchased the full program package with accessory materials, you may purchase a one-year subscription to access the videos online with no additional accessory items. Prices start at $500 per subscription, with discounts available for 5 or more subscriptions.

Please see our IY Online page and our Purchasing page for further information.

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