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WHO cites Norway’s implementation of IY Programs in its report on child maltreatment prevention success stories

The World Health Organization recently recognized the nationwide implementation of Incredible Years® programs in Norway in it’s report on Child Maltreatment Prevention efforts in Europe.

Jonathon Passmore, Programme Manager for Violence and Injury Prevention at WHO/Europe, notes:

“For an issue as complex and heartbreaking as child maltreatment, recognizing successes in prevention is so important to inspire further action across our Region.”

In their article, “Empowering parents by teaching positive parenting techniques: Norway,” the World Health Organization Office for Europe cites the research proving the effectiveness of Incredible Years programs in reducing child aggression and other behavioral problems, and increasing parents’ use of positive parenting strategies.

The article quotes our incredible IY Mentor, Bjørn Brunborg:

“Parents participating in the programme feel empowered, less stressed and more able to manage their child’s behaviour. After completing the programme, parents express their gratitude for the opportunity.”

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Cheers to Bjørn Brunborg and our friends at the Norwegian Regional Centres for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare, and the European network of Incredible Years® providers for your work to improve outcomes for children and families.