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Incredible News from the Holy Child Program in Palestine

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  • from the Holy Child Program Quarterly Report
Building our turtle shell.jpg

Building Our Turtle Shell

This quarter, students finished their unit on problem-solving and started learning about anger management with “Tiny Turtle” in Dina Dinosaur school. As part of the process the students enjoyed building a new turtle shell for school, (our old one finally fell apart). Next they learned how to withdraw into their own shell and calm down. Every student practiced the calm down skills and generating positive solutions. Their classmates were available to coach and congratulate them as they practiced!The students’ homework was to use these skills at home with their friends and family.

finished turtle shell.jpg

The finished masterpiece!

practicing with shell.jpg

Practicing Calm Down Skills

One student told his mother that “Dina Dinosaur school teaches us how to express our feelings.” He shared a specific example of how he used his new skills with his sister. He said: “ I feel hurt when my sister calls me ‘buns’ (fat) and she feels hurt when I call her ‘loser’ My solution is to stop calling her ‘loser’ so she will stop calling me ‘buns’. The mother, needless to say, was thrilled and surprised by her son’s new skills!


One of the HCP teachers shared how surprised she was when one of her students told her he used to be “very naughty” and frequently made “problems” at his previous schools. His teacher told him it was very hard to believe because he was so well behaved at HCP. The student replied; “That’s because you have rules here and Dina School!


Incredible mothers group.jpg

Our Incredible Mothers

In December our mothers from the Group of Peace received certificates for completing the units on positive attention and special time. The group leaders commented on how dedicated this group of mothers is. They are always on time, come with all their homework completed and rarely miss a group. Feedback from the mothers is equally positive. All of the mothers said they had learned to be more patient with their children. Several mothers said they learned to calm down and communicate more with their children. Others identified that they “learned to understand their children’s feelings and how to share their opinions.” One mother shared, “After I thought about the way I raised my children I found that I made many mistakes, but Mothers group (The Incredible Years program) taught me how to deal with my children. I learned how important ‘special time’ is.” The mothers unanimously agreed that talking to other mothers in the group and collaborating with each other was extremely helpful.

mothers role playing.jpg

Role Playing How to Coach Children in Mothers Group


Visit the Holy Child Program website to read the full report.

Carolyn Webster-Stratton traveled to the West Bank to see the Incredible Years® implementation at the Holy Child Program (certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education). They implement Incredible Years® Parent, Teacher, and Child programs. Watch this powerful video of the time Dr. Webster-Stratton spent in West Bank, and interviews with group leaders using the program!

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