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IY Mentor Jane Davidson’s project a finalist for a 2018 Children & Young People Now Award

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Jane Davidson with accredited parent group leader Helen Shorrocks

Our incredible Mentor Jane Davidson’s project with Dorset County Council to deliver the Incredible Beginnings® program was recently a finalist to receive a 2018 Children & Young People Now award.

In their consideration for the award, the Dorset County Council team describes that as a result of the project they have found “improved children’s social and emotional development, improved relationships between parents and children, improvement confidence in practitioners, reduction in challenging behaviour.”

Watch a video testimonial the Dorset County Council team has put together, featuring participant reflections on the Incredible Beginnings® course.

Jane and her colleague Clare Williams are currently delivering their 5th and 6th courses of the Incredible Beginnings program with early years providers in Dorset.

Cheers to Jane’s continued success bringing the Incredible Beginnings® program to teachers of young children in Dorset!


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