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Invest in Kids Issues 2016-17 Incredible Years Statewide Report

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  • by Erin Albrecht, PhD, Data and Evaluation Manager, Invest in Kids, Denver, CO
Invest in Kids with Jamila, CWS 4595 (1).jpeg

Julie Steffen, Jamila Reid, Lindsay Sherman, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Suzy Hannen and Carolyn Rubenstein

For the past 15 years, Invest in Kids (IIK) has served as an intermediary of the implementation of The Incredible Years® in Colorado.  To support Colorado communities working towards meaningful outcomes, IIK follows a research-based implementation framework from the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN;  This framework guides our focus on site development and is applied to our training, coaching, evaluation and ongoing quality improvement support.  During the 2016-17 program year, IIK trained a total of 356 teachers and parent group leaders across the state.  A total of 7,945 children and 541 parents across 22 counties received The Incredible Years® with the support of IIK.

See the 2016-17 outcomes summary report on the implementation of Incredible Years®  Programs in Colorado.

For additional information on Invest in Kids go to

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