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New Research! The Incredible Years for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum

Two researchers at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work conducted a study to determine the acceptability and short-term outcomes of the Incredible Years® Parent Program (15- week, preschool basic version) for parents raising preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study utilized a pre-post design (with no control group) reported high parent acceptability of the program. Additionally, total stress related to the child was significantly decreased with intervention effect sizes from moderate to large following program completion (Sarah Dababnah & Parish, 2014). See article abstract on our website.

Dababnah, S. (2015). Feasibility of an empirically-based program for parents of preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder The International Journal of Research and Practice.

Dababnah, S., & Parish, S. L. (2014). Incredible Years Program Tailored to Parents of Preschoolers with Autism: Pilot Results Research on Social Work Practice, 10, 1-14.

A second paper was recently published (S. Dababnah, 2015) reporting qualitative data from individual interviews with parents. Parents reported they benefited most from child emotion regulation strategies, play-based child behavior skills, parent stress management, social support and visual resources. Parents interviews suggested they would like to see  additional vignettes of children with ASD, identify alternative “sensory” rewards and access to visual resources and they also wanted to add more sessions focused on individualized parent self-care and support.

Dababnah, S. (2015). Feasibility of an empirically-based program for parents of preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder The International Journal of Research and Practice.

father and son looking at cue cards

It is interesting this study should come out the same year that a new Incredible Years Parent Program for parents of children (ages 2-5) on the Autism Spectrum or with Language Delays was released. This new parent program includes vignettes of parents and children with ASD and language delays, incentives including sensory activities, visual resources, emotional and social coaching methods, pretend play enhancement, ways to promote children’s self-regulation skills and additional family support. The program can be used as a supplement to the basic IY parenting program or offered separately as a 14-week parent program. See below a short overview video for this program!

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The Genesis Programme Launch Follow Up

In a blog post last week, we covered the launch of The Genesis Programme in Ireland. Below is an excerpt from the press release for this event:

“The Genesis Programme is a consortium of some 50 Partner Organisations and will deliver The Incredible Years suite of programmes to children, families and communities in Dundalk and Drogheda.

The consortium came through a rigorous selection process to be become one of 13 ABC Programme sites/areas…

The Incredible Years is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programmes for children, their parents and their teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The goal is to prevent and treat young children’s behavioural problems and promote their social, emotional and academic competence. The programme was developed in the University of Washington in Seattle by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton. Whilst each programme has been designed as a stand-alone intervention, taken together, they provide a cohesive and uniform strategy to address and eliminate behavioural difficulties in children.

The launch event also contained a series of interactive workshops which showcased a number of the different strands of The Incredible Years suite of programmes that are being delivered as part of The Genesis Programme.

At the event the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs Dr James Reilly TD said: ‘Louth is one of 13 Areas across Ireland in the ABC Programme that are adopting an area-based approach to address child poverty through delivering high quality, coordinated services to improve outcomes for children and families. I am delighted to launch The Genesis Programme in Louth which delivers on the government commitment to prevention and early intervention and draws on best international practice and existing service provision. This will bring benefits to children, parents and the wider community and make a significant contribution to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

I am really pleased to see the wide range of committed statutory and non-statutory services and partners who are working collaboratively to achieve a common purpose and deliver more integrated and coordinated services. The work is building upon the strong foundation of inter-agency working in the area and is strongly connected to Louth Children and Young People’s Services Committee, which will support the mainstreaming of learning across all relevant agencies. It expands upon the excellent record of work in schools to early years and wider community settings. I look forward to hearing about the progress of the work and wish you every success.’”

Genesis Program Launch

At the launch of The Genesis Programme are (l-r):
Hugh Doogan, Programme Manager, The Genesis Programme; Ged Nash TD, Minister for Business & Employment; Dr. James Reilly TD, Minister for Children & Youth Affairs; Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LLA and Peter Fitzpatrick TD

More information about the Genesis Programme Incredible Years delivery:

“The Genesis Programme – which has over 50 Partner Organisations – will deliver the Incredible Years suite of programmes to children, families and communities in areas of entrenched disadvantage in Dundalk and Drogheda. These programmes promote and enhance children’s social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing from pre-birth to six years of age.

The Vision is to measurably improve the well-being and development outcomes for children aged pre-birth to six years of age in the targeted areas by implementing The Incredible Years suite of programmes with fidelity using an agreed area based approach.

There are six key objectives:

  • That all relevant agencies work collaboratively to agree and implement an area based approach to deliver the IY suite of programmes for children aged 0-6yrs
  • That those delivering the IY programmes are trained and coached ensuring fidelity and standards are met
  • That a Parent Forum is developed to act as a consultative body to inform policy and practice
  • That the project will work collaboratively with DKIT to develop an IY module as part of relevant degree programmes
  • That the project works collaboratively with the newly established Infant Mental Health Network to develop a strategy for Co. Louth
  • That the project collaborates with Louth Children’s & Young People’s Services Committee (Louth CYPSC) to embed IY programmes in service delivery across all relevant agencies”

We are very excited about the project and stay tuned for updates in the future!

– The Incredible Years Team

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Wally Sends a Message to Friends in Ireland

The Genesis Programme Officially Launches its Delivery of The Incredible Years® Programs to Children, Families and Communities in Dundalk and Drogheda, Ireland – March 2nd, 2015

wally-seahawksIn November 2013 the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in Ireland announced a new initiative to support children and their families. The Genesis Programme was selected to participate in the Area Based Childhood (ABC) programme. Fifty proposals were submitted and in June 2014 The Genesis Programme (which has over 50 Partner Organizations) was selected. They will deliver the suite of Incredible Years Parent, Teacher and Child programs to children and families in the areas of entrenched disadvantage in Dundalk and Drogheda. They are using these programs to promote and enhance children’s social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing from pre-birth to six years of age.

The programme is officially launched by the current Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr. James Reilly TD on Monday March 2nd, 2015.

Wally Problem Solver sends them a video message from Seattle to congratulate them on being selected. This is helping Wally get over his sadness because of Seattle Seahawks recently losing the US Superbowl.