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Peter Loft, MSW, Incredible Years Senior Trainer Receives Order of Merlin


“The Order of Merlin is a great honor, bestowed on wizards who have demonstrated their devotion to the principles of living harmoniously.”


Peter Loft, MSW, may not be a wizard but he certainly deserves the Hogwarts House Cup award for most points for service to the world. Do you know the awesome fact that this Incredible Years trainer has trained over 6500 group leaders in the past 10 years?

He has been riding his broom relentlessly at least 2 weeks every month for nearly 13 years around the globe to places like Canada, Denmark,  England, Faullkand Islands, Finland, Ireland, Japan,  Norway, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, and Wales. Peter has inspired, captivated and motivated thousands of group leaders and health care professionals to work with high risk families and those whose children have ADHD and conduct problems.


Fu: “Peter you have more than luck – you have incredible talent!”

Not only does he train people in the Incredible Years Parent Programs but also in the Teacher Classroom Management Program and the Child Dinosaur Prevention and Treatment Programs.  This master wizardry work is based on a background of almost 10 years  doing research and clinical groups with Carolyn Webster-Stratton at the University of Washington Parenting Clinic.

Thank you, Peter for your incredible work and persistence at helping so many group leaders pass on the magic of helping families!

3 thoughts on “Peter Loft, MSW, Incredible Years Senior Trainer Receives Order of Merlin

  1. Way to go Peter !!! Congratulations

  2. I met Peter in around 2004 (could be a bit earlier or later) when he visited the UK to deliver a series of training and information days about the Webster Stratton program. Nearly 10 years on and a parent now myself I have just attended a fantastic Incredible Years parenting group which has been invaluable in parenting my autistic son.
    I remember Peter’s three day course with great fondness and the enthusiasm he showed for this parenting approach shone through in his presentation of it to us nurses, midwives and health visitors.
    Thanks Peter, good to see this recognition of you 🙂

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