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Be our Valentine!


Happy Valentine’s Day, from Wally, Dina, Felicity, and the Incredible Years staff!


Watch our fun Valentine’s Day Video, below, or by clicking here!

Also, we sent out a newsletter earlier this week that included a fun Valentine Activity you can do with a group of children, along with some helpful tips for parents and teachers to foster children’s understanding of emotions. You can read the newsletter by clicking here!


~The Incredible Years Team

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Incredible Years Basic Parent Group Leader Training!

Last week we were happy to have a wonderful group of folks from all over the states come to Seattle for Parent Group Leader training! Carolyn Webster-Stratton trained the participants about how to implement the Incredible Years Parent Programs (for working with parents of children ages 2-8). During the 3 days of training, participants were provided with hands on experience in the form of role plays and practices. They collaborated together to develop principles for working with parents, recruitment strategies, and more!

The Incredible Years holds regular group leader trainings in Seattle, WA for people interested in implementing our programs. See our “Workshop Schedule” for more information!

Parent workshp cws 1-31-14 6530

In the photo above, Carolyn leads parent workshop in Seattle, Jan 29-31, 2014. Participants represent multidisciplines including child psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and teachers. They represent the following states California, Buffalo New York, Oregon, MA, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota and WA. Carolyn is holding her Chinese  puppet Fu (stands for luck) and is wearing a red scarf because it is the Chinese New Year.


Peter Loft, MSW, Incredible Years Senior Trainer Receives Order of Merlin

“The Order of Merlin is a great honor, bestowed on wizards who have demonstrated their devotion to the principles of living harmoniously.”


Peter Loft, MSW, may not be a wizard but he certainly deserves the Hogwarts House Cup award for most points for service to the world. Do you know the awesome fact that this Incredible Years trainer has trained over 6500 group leaders in the past 10 years?

He has been riding his broom relentlessly at least 2 weeks every month for nearly 13 years around the globe to places like Canada, Denmark,  England, Faullkand Islands, Finland, Ireland, Japan,  Norway, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, and Wales. Peter has inspired, captivated and motivated thousands of group leaders and health care professionals to work with high risk families and those whose children have ADHD and conduct problems.


Fu: “Peter you have more than luck – you have incredible talent!”

Not only does he train people in the Incredible Years Parent Programs but also in the Teacher Classroom Management Program and the Child Dinosaur Prevention and Treatment Programs.  This master wizardry work is based on a background of almost 10 years  doing research and clinical groups with Carolyn Webster-Stratton at the University of Washington Parenting Clinic.

Thank you, Peter for your incredible work and persistence at helping so many group leaders pass on the magic of helping families!