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Incredible Years Peer Coaching!

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Peer coach 11-13 Seattle 4311

We are so excited to present a cohort of newly trained parent program peer coaches from around North America!

On Wednesday November 20th and Thursday, November 21st, seven peer coaches from the diverse locations of California, Washington, North Carolina, Maryland, and Colorado, plus Alberta and Quebec in Canada, came together to learn and practice parent group leader peer coaching. It was an intense two days, but the group left inspired and enthusiastic to get started.


Peer Coaching Pyramid

The training was led by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, and the group was aided by Tania Anstiss, a parent program mentor from New Zealand. Her input to the training was of so much value to the group – thank you for coming Tania!

Here are a few of the great comments we heard:

“The support was genuine and practice coaching today was a great learning experience!”

“Live coaching practice is very helpful!”

“I learned as a group leader as well as a peer coach.”

“This new approach was great.”


The newer group leaders who attended on day two benefited from the collective experience of the peer coach trainees, and now we look forward to all these new peer coaches going back and coaching other new group leaders.  The process will help the quality and fidelity of delivery of Incredible Years Parenting programs at these agencies, and we hope that it will also lead more facilitators to undergo the certification process themselves.

Thank you to the new peer coaches for their hard work these two days!!


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