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Meet Dina the Dinosaur and Dinatronic!

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Hello Incredible friends!

We like to have some fun over here at the Incredible Years®. So when one of our puppet makers introduced the idea of this robotic Dinosaur Puppet, we were very excited (Dinosaur Puppet© Axtell Expressions, Inc.)!

Dina Dinosaur (as many of you know) is used in the Child Programs, she is the “Dinosaur School Principal” and an integral member of the Incredible Years® family! This robotic version of Dina, which has been deemed “Dinatronic” has quite the personality, and we thought you all might enjoy! 😉

Check out these two videos, below (and on our website in the Child Programs section). In the first video, Dinatronic talks about Teamwork and meets Dr. Webster-Stratton. In the second video, Dina and Dinatronic talk about their Rules for Survival!

(Dinosaur Puppet © Axtell Expressions, Inc.)

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